Federal Work Study

What is Federal College Work-Study funding?

The FCWS program provides jobs for undergraduate students who are eligible for the federally funded program.  FCWS gives students an opportunity to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

How do I obtain a work-study position?
After a student files the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the report is received by the college, the Financial Aid Office will determine FCWS eligibility. If a student decides to accept Federal College Work-Study funding, he/she needs to pick up instructions to submit the employment application. Funding for FCWS placements is limited and determined by matching student qualifications with job descriptions and requirements. Placement is, therefore, not guaranteed. Most of the work-study positions are located on-campus enabling the student to set a work schedule around his/her class schedule. There are a limited number of positions available within the community with non-profit organizations.

May I work as many hours as I want?
The total Federal Work-Study Award offered determines the number of hours a student may work weekly. The maximum work-study award at CWC is $3000 ($1500 per semester). The award may be less based on the student/family contribution and all other aid offered. The award may be less based on the student/family contribution and all other aid offered. At $1500 a semester, the student may work a total of 12 hours per week ($1500/16 weeks in the semester = $93.75/$7.75 hourly wage = 12). The student and the work- study supervisor, taking into account the student's course schedule, mutually agree upon the student's work schedule.
PLEASE NOTE: A student may not work more than 19 hours per week on work-study or in conjunction with any other on-campus jobs. For example, a student works 10 hours per week as work-study in the library and tutors (institutional funds) for 9 hours per week for a total of 19.

How will I be paid?
You will receive a paycheck on the last working day of each month. Federal Work Study students are paid $7.75 per hour for the first 450 hours worked and $8.25 for all hours worked after that.  Students are   required to submit time sheets to their supervisor on a monthly basis. 

What are the advantages of working on campus?
There are wide ranges of student jobs on campus open only to CWC students. Often, you can find a job that provides valuable work experience because job duties relate to your academic major. Supervisors are flexible in setting up a work schedule and you may be able to work between your classes. Studies show that students who work tend to make better grades, learn to manage their time more efficiently, are more persistent in their goal to graduate, and may have to borrow less in loans to help pay for college expenses. Money earned from a work-study position does not have to be claimed as income when applying for financial aid the following year.
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