Counseling FAQs


Do you have any informational materials I can look at, or give to a friend?

The Counseling Services Department maintains a large library of everything from pamphlets to books to videos/CD's on a variety of mental health topics, including depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, abuse, stopping tobacco use, as well as many others.  Just e-mail or call to find out how to get these materials.


How much does it cost?

The Counseling and Career Services Department provides a number of assessments that are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled CWC students, on subjects of mental health, interests, and career searching


What if I know someone who I think needs counseling?

Share your concerns with the person by stating the specific behaviors you have noticed that worry you. Tell the person you will accompany them to see a counselor, if they would like you to. Not everyone is open to or ready for counseling, so realize that it is ultimately their choice whether or not they go to counseling. If they aren't ready, you may want to talk to a counselor to help you take care of yourself.


What should I expect?

In the first meeting, the counselor will ask you to read and sign a Professional Disclosure Statement which provides you with an overview of the counseling process. Next, the counselor will do an "intake" interview with you to gather information to help identify what your issues are. At the end of the interview, you will be asked to set some goals that you would like to focus on in your counseling sessions. Weekly or bi-weekly appointments will be set up. Counseling requires a commitment from the client to work hard and keep appointments. It takes a willingness to look at yourself honestly and discuss thoughts or feelings that may be unpleasant or uncomfortable. It is difficult to make changes and take risks but the end result is a happier, healthier you!


Where are your services offered on campus?

The Counseling and Career Services Office, as well as a reference library, is located in Main Hall, Room 123F, in the Student Success Center.  A job announcement board is located in the Dobler Center, just down the hall from the Student Success Center.  You will find another job announcement board in the Classroom Wing, and several pamphlet racks around the campus with useful information on a variety of subjects.


Will my parents or instructors find out that I am seeing a counselor?

All counseling sessions are kept strictly confidential. In fact, no one else on campus knows who is seeing a counselor, unless an emergency exists (details can be discussed with the counselor). Counselors are required to have your signed consent in order to share ANY of your personal information with your family, instructors or other professionals.  Sometimes it is good to include faculty, staff, or family members in your recovery, but that decision will always be your own.


Consistent with its mission to value diversity and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, Central Wyoming College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its educational program services or activities. The college makes reasonable accommodations to serve students with special needs and offers services to students who have the ability to benefit.
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