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Textbook Ordering Procedures

Course materials may be ordered directly from the CWC book store using telephone, fax, or e-mail. Students should have the following information available:

Course name, number and section (i.e. English Composition, ENGL 1010-30)

number and section ( i.e. English Composition 1, ENGL-1010-30 )


Pay by credit or debit card for immediate delivery.  All other orders are processed upon receipt of check or money order.  Financial Aid may be used to pay for and ship textbooks and supplies. Your student ID number is used to verify Financial Aid funds available prior to shipment of course materials.

Course materials are delivered to students by United Parcel Service in order to provide proper insurance and tracking of packages. Actual shipping charges are calculated and applied to your total. Students should have the following shipping information available at the time of order:

Physical street address (sorry, no PO Boxes)
Zip Code
Contact telephone number


Students may return textbooks for a full refund provided textbooks are in new and unused condition, within the stated return period. This date is included with the purchase receipt.  For more detailed information regarding refunds, please click on the "Book Refund Policy" tab, to view updated list.


Refund policy
  1. A full refund will be considered within ONE WEEK of the first day of class in fall and spring semesters and within THREE DAYS from the first day of class during the Summer Session. This date will be printed on the bottom of your receipt.
  2. A valid cash register receipt MUST be presented when requesting a refund.
  3. For dropped or changed courses, a refund or exchange will only be considered until the "Last Day to Drop for a Refund" date printed in the course schedule book. A drop slip must be obtained from Registration and Records and be presented in addition to your sales receipt for your return to be considered.

Textbooks will be considered for returns only when meeting the following criteria:

  • Books must be returned in NEW condition, free from any marks and with all enclosed materials included. All shrink-wrap texts must be returned with the shrink-wrap unopened.
  • Returns for textbooks purchased with a credit card will only be credited back to the same credit card.
  • Returns for textbooks purchased with a personal check will be processed through the Business Office. A refund check will be available for you to pick-up from the Cashier in approximately three working days after the return is processed.
  • Cash refunds are limited to $100. Refunds over this limit will be processed through the Business Office in the same manner as a personal check refund.

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please call the CWC book store at (307)-855-2201.


Book Buy Back 

Each semester the book store invites a representative from a national used book company onto the campus to buy back your textbooks. The buy back is always scheduled for the last three days of Finals Week.  The visiting used book company will be located in the Student Center across the hall from the book store during these dates. 


The book store authorizes the used book company to pay you up to 50 percent of the new book value for your books, in most cases, as long as the text is being used the following semester. If you purchase a used textbook and are able to sell it during the buy back, you can save a great deal of money on your textbooks each semester. As an example:

Math 1000 textbook costs$100 new$75 used
Buy back price you receive for a re-adopted book$50 new$50 used
Net cost of your book for the semester$50 new$25 used


Please note, some books do not have any buy back value. For books which are not on the buy back list, the book company's representative will determine the amount you receive based on national demand for your textbook.  The book store also takes into account national demand when setting our buy back prices.

If you have any questions regarding buy back procedures, please call the CWC book store at (307)-855-2201.


We are now an Authorized Microsoft reseller
What does this mean to you? 
Available to all CWC students and staff: Office University 365 four-year subscription good for two MACS or PCs for $79.99 (must show your CWC photo ID to purchase). Students are able to use their designated financial aid for this purchase as well!



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