Mote Hall


Mote Hall

Mote Hall Layout


Mote Hall is a fully ADA accessible, suite-style, 48-bed co-ed complex divided into four areas. Each area

houses 12 students, and provides more privacy.



There is:

  • one student per bedroom
  • bathroom for every three residents
  • each bedroom has a sink
  • furnished central day room provides a place for students in each area to watch television, talk, relax and study.


Mote Hall provides key-less entry to the building itself, central laundry facilities and a computer lab within the complex. Each bedroom is also wired to allow access to the local area network by your own computer, as well as cable TV, and is furnished with a bed, desk, chair and dresser and nightstand dresser.

Cable TV and utilities are included in rental payments.

Freshman students who live on campus are required to live in Mote Hall or the Residence Hall as space permits, but sophomores are also allowed to live here.

There are no kitchen facilities in Mote Hall and residents are required to participate in the Declining Balance Full Meal Plan, which gives students the flexibility to budget their semester food purchases in the Food Court. Located in the Student Center, the Food Court serves three meals on weekdays and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Students may also use their meal plan to purchase snacks and beverages during Food Court hours. The Food Court is closed over some college holidays and vacations. All Food Court debits must be used within a semester or they will be forfeited.

Resident Assistants (RAs) who assist the Housing Manager in matters of administration, activities, discipline and personal help, supervise the complex.



Campus Housing
800-735-8418, ext. 2210
Email: Housing


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