Residential Life


Learning is not confined to the classroom, and as a result, the Central Wyoming College housing staff is committed to fostering the intellectual, social, cultural, and recreational growth of campus residents.

 College housing residential facilities consist of Mote Hall, the Residence Hall, East Apartments and West Apartments. All complexes are non-smoking and no pets are allowed, except for fish. Contact the Housing Office for further information. There are several floor plans to suit your needs.



In order to better prepare you for living on campus, or to answer questions you may have before moving here, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please take a moment to read through these, but if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Resident Life Coordinator.


Campus safety is a number one priority at CWC, and accordingly, we have a fully integrated fire warning system in the Residence Hall and Mote Hall, as well as sprinkler systems throughout all complexes. The systems notify local emergency response upon any detection of problem. The main doors to the Halls are locked whenever the Housing Office is closed or staff is off duty.


All Residence Hall and Mote Hall residents have keys to come and go at their leisure but there is a keyless system in place for after-hours access. The apartments are all supplied with numerous smoke alarm systems, and each complex has a number of fire extinguishers available throughout the complex.


A Campus Safety officer lives on campus and the department members patrol throughout the complexes and campus, and resident assistants are on duty each night, walking through the complexes keeping an eye on things.




Each of the complexes has a staff of resident assistants (RAs), student staff employed by the college to monitor the complexes and provide a presence of authority. The RAs enforce housing and college policies, provide educational and recreational programs for students, and provide security within the housing system. These staff members live within each complex.


Any problems or concerns should be addressed to the resident assistants first, and they will do everything they can to assist. They will also be able to refer you to someone that can better assist you with your problem or concern.


The Resident Life Coordinator, the primary person responsible for residence life, has an office in the Residence Hall. The housing system also has a full-time maintenance person, and maintains a custodial staff, primarily responsible for cleaning the public areas of the Residence Hall, Mote Hall, and apartments. Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms, suites, and/or apartments throughout their residency.



While there is no formal housing government system, there is a college-wide Student Senate, in which housing residents are strongly encouraged to participate. Resident assistants are members of the Student Activities Board which is responsible for overseeing and implementing activities for all students.


Some sports equipment is available for checkout from the Housing Office, and there is a sand volleyball pit, basketball court and the new "Uni-court," a basketball/racquet sport facility, next to the complexes. There are two VCRs available for checkout from the Housing Office, and there are TV/DVD/VHS systems in all dayrooms of the two Hall complexes.

While no tutoring program exists within the housing system, the college provides an excellent tutoring program on main campus, through the Student Support Services department.


Campus Housing
800-735-8418, ext. 2210
Email: Housing


Consistent with its mission to value diversity and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, Central Wyoming College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its educational program services or activities. The college makes reasonable accommodations to serve students with special needs and offers services to students who have the ability to benefit.
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