Investment Analysis

Student Perspective

  • Benefit to students is in the form of a lifetime of higher earnings
  • Costs to receive this benefit include tuition, fees, books, supplies and the opportunity cost of time and earnings given up while attending college.
  • Benefit to Cost Ratio 5.5
  • Return on Investment 19.2 percent


Social Perspective

  • Benefits to society include reduced medical costs, lower crime rates, reduced income assistance and the increase business and property income.
  • Costs are the local and state government contribution to college operations.
  • Benefit to Cost Ratio is 11.2


Taxpayer Perspective

  • Benefits to taxpayers include added tax revenue stemming from higher earnings of students, plus avoided social costs.
  • Costs comprise funding received by the college from state and local governments.
  • Benefit to Cost Ratio is 1.2
  • Return on Investment 4.3 percent
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