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Avi Katz, 2011   
Climbing Guide-- Acadia Mountain Guides

“My Outdoor Education degree at CWC helped me develop skills necessary in the outdoor industry. Our classroom-based coursework covered relevant teaching and learning theories, and our field-based classes helped create a solid base of technical skills. The most valuable thing I learned at CWC was the ability to incorporate many teaching styles into my instruction and lessons. In doing so I am able to better connect with more of my clients.”
 Michael Becker, 2013
Youth Engagement Coordinator at Olympic National Forest for Washington Conservation Corps
What do you like most about your current job position? "Becoming affiliated with the operational procedures and inner workings of the Forest Service. Also working for the greatest good and trying to meet the challenge of expanding capacity for youth engagement programming. Classes on lesson plans, learning styles, and holistic education have given me an edge on presenting conservation curriculum to youth. The most valuable things I learned at CWC are the tools to identify personality types and hence use that knowledge to work for me in the field. It’s fun!”
Casey Fiedler, 2012
Ski Instructor, Deer Valley Resort

“It’s great to hop on the chair in the morning and head up to a beautiful view of the Wasatch Range. Sometimes I spend the whole chair ride thinking 'Someone pays me to do this?' The Outdoor Education and Leadership program at CWC lead in to my current position beautifully. My first (and only) skiing experience prior to becoming a full time ski instructor was with CWC on the backcountry skiing course. I learned that Outdoor/Adventure Education has as much depth and breadth as conventional education and, in many ways, a more profound impact on students. Darran is an excellent source of networking. Use him!”




 Darran Wells

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Outdoor Education in the news
Casper Star Tribune
May 10, 2012 


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