CNA II, Medication Assistant


Completion of the CNA II credential provides an expanded role in direct patient care in selected healthcare settings. These settings may include:

  • Long term care
  • Assisted living
  • Home Care
  • Skilled nursing

Completion of the medication assistant certificate will also provide an expanded role in direct patient care, including monitored medication administration, to patients in selected healthcare settings listed above.

Certified Nursing Assistant II Credential
Current WY Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate, 1500 hours documented work as a CNA

Program RequirementCredits
HLED1281Health & Welness 1
HLTK1550Intro to Professional Health Occupations 2
NRST1200Medical Terminology 3
UNST1005Freshman Seminar (UNST) 1
NRST1550Certified Nursing Assistant II 3
ZOO2015Human Anatomy 4
Total Credits 14


Medication Assistant Certificate
Prerequisites: Current WY Certified Nursing Assistant II Credential


This certificate prepares students with active Wyoming certified nursing assistant II (CNA II) certification for an expanded role as a medication assistant-certified (MA-C). This expanded role includes medication administration to patients with chronic conditions in specific healthcare settings under the supervision of a licensed nurse. General education requirements are designed to encourage students to develop critical and creative thinking, computation, communication and technology skills utilized in the healthcare setting. On successful completion, students are eligible for certification as a medication assistant. This program is approved by the Wyoming state Board of Nursing. Students must apply for admission to the program and meet requirements set forth by the Wyoming State Board of Nursing. Students must:

  • be a graduate from a state OR board approved CNA II training and competency evaluation program, or
  • have current unencumbered Wyoming CNA II certificate 
Program RequirementsCredits
General Education Requirements
Writing Level I (WR1)/ORAL 3
MATH/APPM In program
Program Requirements  
HLED 1281  Health & Wellness (WELL) 1
HLTK 1550  Intro to Professional Health Occupations 2
MATH  1000  Problem Solving (MATH) 3
NRST  1200  Medical Terminology   3
NRST  1550  Certified Nursing Assistant II 3
NRST  1600  Medication Assistant 6
PSYC  1000 General Psychology (SOC) 4
UNST  1005  Freshman Seminar (UNST) 1
ZOO  2015  Human Anatomy 4
Total 31




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