Criminal Justice


Associate of Applied Science

    The program includes general education courses from the college curriculum, specialized Criminal Justice core courses, essential interdisciplinary offerings, and suggested Criminal Justice requirements.

    The Associate of Applied Science program is designed to meet the needs of pre-service and in-service criminal justice personnel as a terminal degree.

    Alternately, the Associate of Arts program fulfills the initial two-year curriculum for many four-year Criminal Justice programs.

    Individuals desiring a career in corrections, homeland security and law may benefit from this curriculum by selecting certain recommended courses in those areas. Students who plan a career in forensics, counseling or administration should also plan to take additional university and graduate studies.

    Some of the courses offered in Criminal Justice include Introduction to Law Enforcement, Politics and the Judicial Process, Criminology, Introduction to Corrections and Introduction to Criminal Justice.

    The Central Wyoming College criminal justice program offers an examination and appreciation for the complexity of the criminal justice system in the United States. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on courses in communications, sociology, law, political science and related areas, in addition to the requisite criminal justice courses. The curricula is designed to further develop the student’s critical thinking and judgmental skills, ethical decision making abilities and problem solving and communication skills throughout the program.


Fire arms training available

    CWC has two state-of-the-art Fire Arms Training Systems (FATS) to provide a complete virtual firearms training experience.

    The Law Enforcement Training System provides a complete synthetic environment for an unequalled virtual training experience.

    The Criminal Justice Department works in partnership with CWC’s on campus Rural Justice Training Center (RJTC)  to provide additional learning and training experiences to criminal justice and homeland security students.

    The adjunct instructor and deptuy director of the RJTC is a certified simmunitions instructor.


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