Accounting and Business


Associate of Science Degree, Associate of Applied Science or Certificate 


Business Administration and Management are two of the most versatile degrees available. Businesses need skilled leaders to prepare them for the future. If you enjoy problem-solving, interacting with people, and finding solutions to challenges, a degree in business administration may be the right choice.

Another option is accounting, which prepares students to analyze financial information and prepare accurate and timely financial reports.
CWC offers a variety of programs in business and accounting, including:

Associate of Science degree

Courses offered in this college transfer curriculum enable students to acquire background and training to enter private, public or governmental accounting positions upon completion of studies at a four-year college.
Accounting - Career
Associate of Applied Science Degree

Preparation is directed toward careers in business and industrial accounting departments as accounting clerks and junior accountants. Some of the courses offered in this program may not be transferable to a four-year college.



This accounting program provides both practical and theoretical preparation for clerical positions. Gainful Employment


Business Administration
Associate of Science Degree

Businesses need individuals who understand the fundamentals of business practice and who can compete effectively in an increasingly sophisticated, complex world. The goal of the Associate of Science in Business Administration degree program is to provide the first step in preparing students for a Bachelor's degree in general business administration. This transfer program will also enhance skills and competencies in current jobs, and assist in career advancement opportunities. In addition to the general education requirements which offer students a broad base of knowledge in English, communication, political science, and other areas, students will have an opportunity to explore disciplines such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, statistics, and math.

Business Management
Associate of Applied Science Degree

Supervisors, managers, and employees who are competent in their field of expertise and who contribute to, as well as lead the activity of the team are in demand today. Employers look for leaders with the skills to resolve conflicts and manage diversity, encourage open communication, increase productivity, and improve morale. The mission of the Business Management program is to provide students with practical skills needed to be successful in all business activities. This applied program includes a set of core courses that address the critical aspects of effective supervision and management. The comprehensive curriculum includes study in general business, accounting, business law, management, economics, and marketing. In addition, general education courses offer students a broad base of knowledge in English, communication, computers, and math.



 Charlotte Donelson
Dean, Commerce and Technology Division





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