Graduation Matters


Any way you measure it, a college degree is the best investment of your life

Graduating with an Associates Degree allows you to:
  • Get jobs (The courses for an associates degree teach practical skills for many occupations that enable students to go immediately into specific fields.)
  • Earn more (Associate degree holders earn $400,000 more than with a high school diploma over a lifetime)
  • Be prepared for further education (Many associate degree programs correspond directly to university programs and fulfill about half the credit requirements of a bachelor's degree)
  • Join the military (Associate degree holders may be able to enlist at higher rank.)
  • Improved quality of life (Studies show college graduates have longer life spans, greater job satisfaction, self confidence and economic stability.)

Employers see greater potential with college graduates

  • Graduates have an increased likelihood of dedication.
  • Graduates show a profound love of learning and advancement.
  • Graduates desire excellence.


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